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For more than a decade personal injury attorney Brian White has successfully committed his experience and resources to recovering the highest monetary damages for clients hurt as the result of someone’s negligence. A serious injury suffered in a train wreck, motorcycle accident, car accident or truck accident such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or catastrophic burn is life altering. You and your family will never be the same. At the law offices of Brian White, we understand the added stress of handling a legal claim is often

intimidating when your primary concern lies in having the medical resources needed for rehabilitation and recovery. We pride ourselves in coming alongside our injured clients and their families by relieving them of the challenges in obtaining their full legal rights to maximum compensation. When we agree to represent clients we take their case on as if it were our own. We push every case to completion with an enviable record of successful financial recovery because we take your injury personally. We would work hard for a family member. We will work just as hard for you.

We never charge a fee unless we win your case.
All our initial consultations are at no charge to you.

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Serious or catastrophic injuries forever change your life, your earning capacity, your relationship with your family and your friends. We understand that clients need financial and medical resources to achieve stability and a sense of normalcy in their lives. So our goal is to settle your claim or bring it to trial within one year.

Once you become a client, we move quickly to secure critical evidence, which is crucial to fully protecting your rights. We work w.ith the best forensic, scientific, medical, and investigative experts in the field to proactively develop your case for trial, if it becomes necessary. We don’t wait for events to take place in your case. We make exceptional results happen.

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Our success in recovering significant financial damages for our clients doesn’t result from chance or good luck. While there are many competent personal injury attorneys, there are few who have seen what he has first hand. Before becoming a Houston personal injury attorney, Brian White defended large corporations and insurance companies against personal injury claims.

He understands how and why injured parties are denied their rights to just compensation by the use of sophisticated defense tactics. His determination in each and every case comes from his insight into what you as an injured person are up against in obtaining the full compensation you deserve. He doesn’t give up on a case. He doesn’t compromise. He always fights for your rights.

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We measure the success of our financial settlements and jury awards against our clients’ current and future needs. Life altering injuries require significant resources to restore one’s ability to enjoy life. We care that you get what you need and deserve. That’s the measure we live by, and our clients attest to the fact that we have met that standard of success.

That’s what we mean by exceptional results. If you have been injured as the result of a negligent act of another, it’s important you act quickly to preserve your rights to collect just compensation under state and federal laws. We will work hard to see you receive full and fair compensation that secures your future medical care and lost wages.

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