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Houston car accident attorney
The leading cause of death and injury in America is auto accidents. If you’ve been injured in a Houston car wreck, you may be facing the long-term repercussions of an ongoing injury from neck or back pain, broken bones, or even something more catastrophic such as traumatic brain injury. It’s not unusual for injuries to not fully surface until days after an accident. It’s important that you receive medical attention as after the wreck as possible to protect your health. It’s also important to contact an experienced car wreck attorney to protect your rights to recover damages for your injury.

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Texas Accident Statistics

Car accidents happen more often than many of us think, in 2013 there was one accident on a Texas roadway every 71 seconds. That translates to 232,041 people injured in a Texas auto accident every year. They also happen at all days of the week, although Saturdays and Sundays have the highest accident rates.

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  • In 2013 Texas saw a 3,377 motor vehicle traffic fatalities with one person being killed every 2 hours 36 minutes. This number is down 1.07% from 2012.
  • The Texas roadway fatality rate for 2013 was 1.4 deaths per hundred million vehicle miles traveled. The annual vehicle miles traveled in Texas reached 240.447 billion miles in 20143.
  • 65,539 serious injury crashes occurred on Texas roadway in 2013 with more than 89,000 people sustaining a serious injury. This comes out to 1 person injured in a motor vehicle crash every 2 minutes 16 seconds.
  • The total number of people injured in motor vehicle crashes for 2013 comes to more than 232,000.

Houston’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Were you injured in one of the most dangerous intersections? This map shows the most common crash locations in the Houston area. The larger the circle size, the more dangerous the intersection. You can see a map of all of Texas and more information on our study of the most dangerous intersections in Texas here.

Houston Accident Statistics

In 2013 there were more than 53,000 vehicle accidents in Houston. Of those 53,000 crashes more than 18,000 of them were classified as injury accidents, with the number of people injured reaching well over 28,000.

  • 180 Houston car crashes in 2013 resulted in 188 fatalities.
  • 5,478 serious injury crashes in 2013 resulted in 7,314 serious injuries.
  • 13,029 accidents in 2013 were classified as “other injury accidents” that resulted in 20,848 injuries to those who were involved.
  •  32,127 Houston car accidents did not result in any injuries to the parties involved.
  • There were 2,282 vehicle accidents where the severity of the accident was unknown.
  • Total 2013 Houston Car Crashes – 53,096

Houston Car Crash Attorney

Brian White is an award winning personal injury attorney who specializes in taking aggressive and decisive action to recover the full compensation you deserve. Under Texas State law you could be able to collect compensation for treatment of your injury, lost wages, pain and suffering, inconvenience, mental aguish, disability, disfigurement, and more.

Why do I need an Houston auto accident attorney?

Often injured parties hesitate to call an experienced car wreck lawyer because they believe most insurance companies will settle their claim in good faith. Unfortunately, that is seldom the case, and increasingly, even in smaller claims, where injuries are not catastrophic, insurers stall to settle. When they do, their initial offers can be less than  an injured person’s medical costs. The insurance companies only have their own interests in mind when settling cases. Unless you are represented by an aggressive and knowledgeable auto crash attorney, you may end up paying some of the costs for your injuries and damages yourself. We will fight for your right to recover the full benefits you need and deserve. Whether you have been injured by a drunk driver, someone making unsafe lane changes, speeding or simply driving recklessly, we can help.

Choosing The Right Accident Attorney

Choosing the right car accident lawyer isn’t just a question of getting a referral or looking in the phone book. In order to find the right attorney, you will have to do a bit of research. The last thing you want to do is to put your case in the hands of an unqualified law firm. Three things to look  for when selecting the right attorney to handle your Houston car accident case are:

  1. Litigation Experience –  Finding an accident lawyer with litigation experience will drastically improve your chances of resolving your case successfully. Many attorneys prefer to settle cases outside of the courtroom, and some will do anything to avoid trial even if that means settling for a lowball price. Finding an attorney that is not afraid of the courtroom and will apply pressure on the insurance company and adjusters will result in larger payout for your injuries. Before becoming an injury attorney, Brian White defended large corporations and insurance companies against personal injury lawsuits. He understands the sophisticated defense tactics that the insurance companies use to deny injury victims their right to compensation.
  2. History of Recovery – Take a look at the law firms track record. Many firms will list their best case results for potential clients to see. If you don’t see a list of large case results or settlements then it could mean that the law firm or attorney does not have enough experience or may lack a history of achieving favorable results. Brian White & Associates have recovered millions for our clients and we proudly displays our case results here
  3. Personality & Accessibility – When choosing a lawyer, it’s important that you work with someone you like! Some cases can go on for years and it’s smart to choose someone who makes you their number one priority. At our office, our clients always come first. In addition, it’s important to be able to get a hold of your attorney at any time to get status updates on your case or to answer any questions you may have. We hear many complaints about accident lawyers who do not call their clients back in a timely fashion. At our office, we make it a goal to call each and every client back the same day. Communication is an important part of every relationship, including the one you have with your attorney.

What to Do After a Car Accident

A car accident can change a person’s life forever. In a serious car accident, the aftermath can be devastating and confusing. Even minor car accidents can get complicated if the other driver claims to have an injury or doesn’t have insurance. Nobody plans on getting involved in a car accident, but thousands occur every day. If you were in a car accident, you need to know what to do directly after the crash.

Stay at the Scene

Never leave the scene of an accident until the police have cleared you to go or until it’s appropriate to leave. You may have to face consequences of causing an accident, but the ramifications of a hit-and-run accident are substantially worse – resulting in criminal penalties and jail time. Check to ensure everyone involved in the accident is okay. If anyone appears injured, call for medical help immediately. Remain on the scene until help arrives. Never move an injured person. Moving an injured person can worsen his or her injuries.

Don’t Admit Fault

It’s human nature to want to apologize after a car accident or say something like, “I’m sure that was my fault.” However, to do so is to admit fault and place yourself in a position to get sued by the other driver. Be polite, but never admit fault or apologize in a way that makes it seem like you’re to blame for the accident. The other driver may have also been distracted, and both of you are to blame, or an unsafe roadside condition may have caused the accident, and neither of you need to take the fault.

Call the Police

If you’re able, call the police after a car accident. Even if your accident was minor, filing a police report protects you from liability. Don’t let your fear of getting a ticket prevent you from seeking help. A ticket is a minor risk compared to the chance of getting sued or failing to call for help when someone suffers an injury. Don’t rely on your own judgment to know if a crash is a true emergency or not. Leave it to trained professionals to decide, and call the police right away.

Get the Other Driver’s Information

Whether you sustained injuries or not, always obtain the other driver’s information before leaving the scene. You may need to contact the other driver about the crash later. Gather insurance information, driver’s license number, license plate number, and contact information. It’s also wise to get the information of any vehicle passengers involved in the accident or eyewitnesses on the scene.

Keep Detailed Records

Many car accidents result in personal injury trials. You may sense the other person is going to file a lawsuit against you, or you may want to be the one to make a claim. Either way, obtain as much evidence at the scene of the crash as possible. If you’re uninjured, take photos of the crash and the damage to both vehicles. Ask for a copy of the police report and record the contact information for the officer who filed the report. When you seek medical attention, keep detailed records of your injuries and treatment instructions.

What NOT to Do When in a Car Accident

Tips for what you should do after a car accident are easy to come by and are commonly stated directly on vehicle insurance cards: stay in your vehicle, call the police, call your insurance company. Most drivers know the basics of what to do after a car accident, yet many make serious, costly mistakes. Knowing what not do to after a car accident is just as important as knowing what to do. It can help you avoid incurring penalties, making injuries worse, and increasing your liability.

Do Not Flee the Scene

Whether you caused the car accident or not, it’s illegal to flee the scene. In Texas, driving away after a crash can lead to a “failure to stop and render aid” charge, which is a misdemeanor. If the accident injured or killed someone and you leave the scene prematurely, you can even face felony and criminal charges. Getting a ticket for reckless driving in an accident is much better than a potential hit-and-run charge. Always stay on the scene until help arrives and the police clear you to go.

If someone sustains an injury in an accident, the law obligates you to provide assistance. This means ensuring the injured person is okay, calling for help, and transporting the injured person to the hospital if necessary. You do not necessarily have to move or touch an injured person, unless the person must be moved out of harm’s way or to avoid further injury, such as from a car fire or explosion. Avoid moving an injured person until emergency services arrive to prevent aggravating an injury, especially if the neck or spinal cord appears damaged.

Do Not Fail to Call the Police

Many people believe it’s unnecessary to call police for a minor accident if no one sustained injuries. In reality, someone in an accident should always call 9-1-1, no matter what. The police can assess the damage, identify the cause of the crash, call for help, and protect you in the event of a problem. Making an agreement with the other driver is dangerous. The driver can lie about his or her insurance information or may even be a criminal on the run. Calling the police protects you from untrustworthy drivers.

Even if the other driver is honest and offers or gives you money “under the table” for property damages or injuries, failing to obtain an official police report decreases your chances of going to court. For example, if you take money directly from the other driver for damages to your vehicle but experience crash-related back pain a month later, you won’t have a police report to support your argument that the accident caused your injuries. Always protect yourself and others in an accident by notifying the police.

Do Not Succumb to Anger

If someone else caused your car accident, it can be easy to become angry and lash out at the responsible party. Road rage often results from car accidents, especially fender benders in heavy traffic or accidents from reckless driving. While you have every right to be angry with the negligent driver, losing your temper at the scene of the crash doesn’t help anyone. The other driver can even use it against you in court if you end up in a personal injury lawsuit.

Do Not Forget to Protect Yourself

It’s important not to admit fault after an accident. Saying a crash was your fault means you legally admit liability for the accident. Properly document an accident, including gathering the other driver’s information. Seek medical attention immediately, even if you don’t feel injured. Protecting yourself from liability is immensely important if the accident will likely spark a lawsuit.

Uniquely Qualified

Before becoming a Houston personal injury attorney, Brian White defended large corporations and insurance companies against personal injury claims. He understands how and why injured parties are denied their rights to just compensation by the use of sophisticated defense tactics. He pursues an aggressive strategy by using the foremost scientific, forensic, and medical experts to prepare your case for settlement within one year of your injury, or go to trial if it becomes necessary. He is aggressive and determined to see you get every penny of compensation you require. If you are wondering if you may have a case, please contact our law firm today. We are ready to help!

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