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When you hear “brain injury,” you might assume the worst. The brain’s delicate tissues are easily damaged and not easily healed. Unfortunately, many types of accidents can result in a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Car accidents, slips and falls, and sports incidents are just three of the common ways people sustain TBIs. TBIs are one of the most common causes of death and disability in the US. Those who survive TBIs can suffer physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral side effects – sometimes for life. Attorney Brian White wants to help anyone who has acquired a brain injury in Houston fight for just compensation.

Negligence and Brain Injuries

Most traumatic brain injuries stem from someone else’s negligence. This is often the case in car accidents, premises liability cases, sports injuries, and acts of violence. A slip and fall in the workplace, for example, could trace back to a negligent coworker who failed to clean the spill. It is up to you – and a trusted attorney – to identify the party responsible for your TBI and file your claim against him or her. If you can prove negligence in the civil court system, you can receive compensation for your losses. Even mild TBIs deserve the attention of Texas courts.

Another type of negligence-related brain injury is an acquired brain injury (ABI). Acquired brain injuries are those sustained during or after birth, rather than those sustained genetically or in a traumatic accident. Negligent physicians can cause ABIs in infants from failure to determine fetal distress signs, improper use of birthing tools, and failure to recommend and perform a cesarean section in an emergency. If an infant is in distress during birth for too long, it can lead to lack of blood or oxygen to the brain, creating an ABI.

No matter what caused your brain injury in Houston, seek help from an experienced brain injury attorney. There is no such thing as a minor brain injury. Every TBI or ABI can result in temporary or permanent disability. A brain injury could result in lost wages at work, reduced quality of life, emotional damages, and significant medical bills. Many brain injuries lead to lifetime costs. A personal injury claim with help from Attorney Brian White may be your only chance to fight for compensation for these losses and others.

Mild Brain Injury

A mild brain injury is also known as a concussion.

  • Brief (less than 15 minutes) loss of consciousness.
  • A dazed, vacant stare right after the injury.
  • Testing and scans may appear normal.
  • Symptoms may not appear until later.
  • “Post concussive syndrome” can include temporary headaches, dizziness, mild mental slowing and fatigue.
  • Symptoms of mild brain injury usually improve over 1-3 months.

A moderate brain injury is one that results in a loss of consciousness that can last minutes or a few hours and is followed by a few days or weeks of confusion.
Physical, cognitive, and/or behavioral impairments may last for months or be permanent.

Severe brain injury almost always results in prolonged unconsciousness or coma lasting days, weeks, or months.

What to Do After Sustaining a Brain Injury

As soon as you discover you or your child’s brain injury, start taking steps to protect your rights. There is power in information. Do your best to gather facts, records, and evidence regarding your accident. Take photos of the scene of the accident, and collect eyewitness information and statements if possible. If there was another party involved, such as another driver, get this person’s name and contact information. Report the accident to the proper authorities (i.e. the police, your employer, your car insurance company) as soon as possible.

Seek medical attention right away after an accident where you hit your head. You might not realize you have a TBI since, in some cases, symptoms do not appear right away. A visit to a doctor and the proper medical tests and scans can identify a TBI before it shows symptoms. The sooner you receive care for your brain injury, the better your odds are for recovery. Keep your medical bills and records from your doctor, including any treatment plans. Create a file with all your accident-related documents. Then, contact Attorney Brian White of Houston.

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