Houston Trip/ Slip Hazards – What You Need to Know

In a city the size of Houston, every single day customers encounter potentially dangerous conditions at local grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, and more. Most often, these dangerous conditions result in a customer tripping or slipping causing them to suffer injuries. Such injuries may be to their back, neck, knees, or shoulders. The facility almost always initially denies their responsibility for the injuries. This leaves the injured person to fend for themselves as far as medical and lost wages are concerned. These facilities hope that the injured person will not locate and hire a competent personal injury attorney to look out for their best interests.

Over the years, the attorneys at Attorney Brian White & Associates have successfully represented hundreds of clients injured due to the negligence of these facilities.  We have also successfully tried a number of these cases to verdict, including one named Verdict Search publication’s “Verdict of the Week.”  As a potential client injured due to a slip or trip and fall, the most important thing to understand is the importance of immediately contacting a skilled personal injury attorney who will be on your team.  You can be sure the facility where you were injured has already hired their own attorney. Without promptly sent spoliation letters demanding the facility to preserve evidence, it is common for evidence to disappear, become misplaced, and more. 

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Dangerous conditions may include water, grease, food, unsecured carpeting, or random objects in a walking path. Often, issues regarding ADA compliance may come into play. If a patron or customer encounters a dangerous condition similar to ones above, and is injured as a result, they may have a right under Texas law to seek compensation. Houston businesses who open their doors to the public are required to keep their premises reasonably safe. They must remedy or warn the public of dangerous conditions that exist on their premises which they know or should know exist. If a business fails to remedy or warn of the dangerous condition on their premises and as a result someone is injured, that business is responsible for the harm.

However, there must be evidence that the business knew or should have known of the dangerous condition on their premises. That is the battleground in almost all trip and fall or slip and fall cases. Take for example, a puddle of water in the middle of the grocery store. Evidence showing the grocery store knew of the water or should have known of the water may include witnesses who saw patrons tell employees of the puddle, wet footprints near the puddle, or video footage showing how long the puddle was there.

Trip or slip and fall cases require sufficient evidence to prove the facility is at fault. Without it, the facility’s insurance company will never make a fair offer. If you have been injured due to a trip or slip and fall, please call us at Attorney Brian White & Associates.  We will listen to what you have to say and evaluate whether you may have a viable claim based on our many years of success handling these cases.  We will take the immediate steps necessary to preserve the relevant evidence, and get you the medical treatment that you need to get on the road to recovery.

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