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Brian White is an experienced and determined advocate who has worked with many slip and fall victims to establish liability for their injury and recover just and fair compensation. Often, a visitor to a property or a tenant in a commercial building who has suffered an injury isn’t aware of their rights. We are effective advocates for injured clients and work hard to establish liability for your injury. Often it takes a detailed investigation that includes the use of experts to establish a property owner’s negligence in not maintaining the premises. Just as it is good common sense to consult a physician regarding your injuries, it is also wise to consult an experienced slip and fall lawyer to understand all of your rights to recover damages under Texas State law.

Types of Premises Liability Cases Brian White Handles

Slip and Fall

Serious injuries often result when people slip on an unexpectedly slick surface and fall. Perhaps a roof leak results in a wet floor, an employee mops a floor and leaves no warning of the wet surface, oil from leaking equipment causes slick footing, or someone dropped something on the floor and store employees failed to clean it up in a timely fashion.

Building Security

Apartment buildings, offices, and hotels must have reasonable safety measures to ensure only those who belong on the premises can access the property. People victimized by criminals who gained illegal entry to a building with poor security have a right to demand compensation from property owners who were negligent in taking adequate precautions to ensure the safety of those who occupy the building.

Commercial building and apartment owners have an obligation to maintain proper security to protect their tenants and visitors. This often includes adequate parking lot lighting, security gates, cameras and other safety features. If you’ve been injured in a crime or other accident that could be the result of inadequate security precautions it’s vital you discuss the details of your injury with an experienced premise liability attorney to protect your rights to recover damages.

Trip and Fall

Like slip and fall accidents, trip and fall accidents can occur when property owners or employees are negligent in ensuring the flooring conditions are safe. An extension cord stretched across a walkway can easily create a trip hazard. Poorly maintained flooring may crack or break, creating a dangerous situation for those who walk on it. Inadequate lighting may make it difficult to see trip hazards, as well.

Swimming Pool Accidents

An unsupervised pool can pose a danger of drowning when someone, often a small child, can wander into the pool and fall in. Failure to secure the pool can result in a child falling into the water. Serious injury from almost drowning can occur when the brain has no oxygen for even a brief time.

Responsibility of Property Owners

The law requires property owners to take reasonable care to ensure visitors to their properties are safe from injuries. A property owner or his or her employees must act to correct any dangerous condition in a reasonable period. In some cases, the property owner may not reasonably be expected to know about a problem or have time to correct it. If the person in front of you as you walk down an aisle spills their water bottle and you slip and fall, no reasonable property owner could have known about the problem or fixed it before your accident. However, if a leaking roof creates a wet floor condition that goes unaddressed for an hour, the property owner may be negligent in not taking steps to make the floor safe or at least warn visitors of the unsafe conditions.

Owners of office buildings, apartment complexes, and hotels have an obligation to take reasonable security measures. Doors that fail to close or whose locks malfunction create an opportunity for criminals to enter a building and do harm to those who occupy the premises. In many cases, it is reasonable to have someone stationed near the front door to ensure the people entering are supposed to be there. Proper lighting in the parking lot helps ensure the safety of guests entering or leaving the area after dark.

Like many municipalities, Houston has ordinances requiring owners of swimming pools to secure the pool from accidental entry. Houston requires a barrier at least four feet in height with a self-closing and locking gate to prevent accidental drowning. A property owner who fails to secure a pool is responsible for any injuries incurred.

What to Do After You Are Injured on Someone Else’s Property

An accident may traumatize and confuse you but taking the proper steps immediately after an injury can ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Let a store employee know about your accident and ask him or her to call for medical help. If possible, take photos of the accident area, including the conditions that caused your accident. Store employees can quickly clear spills and trip hazards after an accident, so photographic evidence of the problem can help establish your case. If possible, get the contact information of any witnesses, as they can be difficult to track down later.


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