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Sexual abuse is unfortunately a particularly prevalent crime which takes place each day in the Houston area, often to children.  Children are often targeted by someone they know and trust.  It can be very difficult to deal with the physical and emotional repercussions that victims of sexual abuse must face shortly after the abuse.

Dealing with Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is horrific incident to cope with and can have a lasting impact on the victim.  The victim may have lifelong physical injuries or may be unable to form lasting relationships with another person after the abuse occurs.  An abuser may face criminal charges, but you may also pursue civil charges as well to receive the compensation you or your child deserves. Sexual abuse is a difficult injury to discuss and bring a lawsuit since it typically involves someone the victim has a personal relationship with.  Cases often involve someone a child has a daily relationship with and who exerts authority over the child, such as a teacher, pastor, or coach.

Sexual Abuse in Texas

Texas has severe punishments for people convicted of sexual abuse, but this does not always lead to the compensation your deserve for your injuries.  It is therefore important to bring a civil lawsuit in addition to criminal charges.  Civil lawsuits have more finality than criminal charges do because the victim will receive some form of damages through the lawsuit and it will help the victim to close this chapter in their lives.  Pursuing a civil lawsuit against an abuser can also help deter future abusers from committing similar offenses.  While criminal charges can result in imprisonment, sexual abusers generally do not spend as many years locked away as they should.  Civil lawsuits are another way to make the victim whole again after the attack.

Upon pressing a legal claim against your abuser, you can receive compensation for your physical and emotional injuries that occurred as a result of the sexual abuse.  Furthermore, you will also be entitled to compensation for any medical expenses or lost wages.

Sexual Abuse and Children

It can be difficult to determine whether your child has been sexually abused, but psychiatrists have recognized a number of signs to indicate potential abuse:

  • Frequent tantrums
  • Bed wetting
  • Withdrawn or sullen
  • New focus on sexual body parts
  • Fear of doctors or physical exams

It is also important to directly ask your child if they have been touched inappropriately and watch for their response.  Children who are victims of sexual abuse often respond in unusual manners.

More information on sexual abuse is available here from the American Psychology Association

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Brian White is an experienced sexual abuse attorney and understands the pain of sexual abuse victims.  He works hard to strategize the best way to ensure the abuser is forced to pay for their crimes and ensure you receive the best settlement possible.  Please contact our offices to set up a free initial consultation so we can begin to put together the best strategy for your case.

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